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Why Sound waves are mechanical waves?

Sound waves are mechanical waves because they require a medium for their propagation .They are also called longitudinal mechanics because they vibrate in the direction of prop (MORE)
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What is a longitudinal wave and what is nessasery for a wave?

A longitudinal wave is a wave of which the disturbance direction is the same direction of the direction of the wave. Waves done in a spring and sound waves are an example. A (MORE)

Are ultrasonic waves electromagnetic waves?

No. Electromagnetic waves are part of a spectrum of energy waves that include radio waves, infra red, visible light through to ultraviolet and microwaves and gamma radiation. (MORE)

Are sound waves compressional waves?

Yes they are, quoting from Richard Muller Physics professor at UC Berkley, "waves in sound don't come from up and down motion, but from compression and dilation. When thes (MORE)

Why is sound wave a mechanical wave?

Sound is a mechanical wave because it requires passing through a medium in order to travel. Air, water, and string are all examples of mediums that sound waves travel through. (MORE)
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What types of waves are sound waves?

Look at the diagram above. The compressions, in which particles are crowded together, appear as upward curves in the line. The rarefactions, in which particles are spread apar (MORE)
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What type of wave is a sound wave?

Sound waves are:    Mechanical Waves  Longitudinal Waves  Pressure Waves  Compression Waves     Sound waves are mechanical waves since they must travel throug (MORE)
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Is a light wave a longitudinal wave?

No, light is not a longitudinal wave. It's actual geometric structure is two perpendicular waves of force fields, one electric and one magnetic (hence, electro-magnetic) which (MORE)