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How do you route by train from Krefeld to Zurich?

Krefeld - Düsseldorf. From Düsseldorf there are some direct trains to Zürich,but you may have to change at Köln (Cologne), Frankfurt or Basel. See the German r ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Angela Krefeld been in?

Angela Krefeld has: Played Mona in "The Vise" in 1954. Played Gina in "The Vise" in 1954. Played Alma in "The Vise" in 1954. Played Francesca in "ITV Play of the Week" in 1955 ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Thomas Krefeld written?

Thomas Krefeld has written: 'Wortgestalt und Vokalsystem in der Italoromania' -- subject(s): Historical Phonology, Italian language, Romance languages, Vocalization