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What German gun is named after Gustav Krupp?

Answer . The 80 cm K(E) Railroad Gun commonly called the "Dora" was called the "Gustav" by the Germans. It had a crew of 2,000, a General Officer in command and in the 13 d (MORE)
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How old is charla krupp?

She graduated the University of Illinois in 1975. Assuming she graduated at age 21, that would make her 54.

What is name of the Krupp estate near Essen? There is alot of history on the Krupp family on this site. Hope ya find what ya are looking for. Widow Krupp a (MORE)

How does one identify it is fluss stahl krupp essen rifle?

You have a rifle made of fluid steel from the Krupp steelmaker at Essen Germany. That is as much information as we can give you from the information you gave us. A gunsmith sh (MORE)
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What are the Krupps family famous for?

The Krupp family are a prominent German dynasty responsible for steel production as well as manufacturing weapons and ammunition. Their company Friedrich Krupp AG was the bigg (MORE)