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Is maniyani a kshatriya?

Yes... Maniyanis (Yaduvanshi Kshatriyas - which comes underChandravanshi Kshatriyas) are traders originated from Sindh. Theysettled at north Malabar especially at Payyannur, w (MORE)

Who were the Kshatriyas?

The Kshatriyas were a social order in India. They were essentiallythe warrior class. They were in charge of the military, so they hadto govern in times of peace and fight in w (MORE)

Who are the kshatriyas?

They're the second highest class in the ancient India caste they were the warriors and their resembling color is red because of the scarifying blood of the warriors.

What is a kshatriya?

Khatriya is a word that in Sanskrit , is derived from kṣatra , meaning "dominion, power, government" from a root kṣī "to rule, govern, possess". Old Persian (MORE)

Are Jatts Kshatriyas?

Jats are Kshatriyas. As per standards of Vedic Kshatriyas, Jats are the true Aryan belonging to Kshatriya varna. The Indo-Aryan origin of Jats has been advocated on the basi (MORE)