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Who were the Kshatriyas?

The Kshatriyas were a social order in India. They were essentially  the warrior class. They were in charge of the military, so they had  to govern in times of peace and figh (MORE)

Who are the kshatriyas?

They're the second highest class in the ancient India caste they were the warriors and their resembling color is red because of the scarifying blood of the warriors.

What is a kshatriya?

Khatriya is a word that in Sanskrit, is derived from kṣatra, meaning "dominion, power, government" from a root kṣī "to rule, govern, possess". Old Persian xšaθra ("real (MORE)

Where did kshatriyas live?

kshatriyas.......we cant say this is the place in India where they lived.....kshatriyas are people who indulge themself in wars and all in ancient times.......they form the ar (MORE)
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Is nair kshatriya?

Nairs are Kshatriyas of kerala, all the royal houses and 90% of militias were from them,they are the first native warriors who defeated a Europian naval force (kulachal war ag (MORE)
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Who are agnikula kshatriyas?

Parvatharajakulam-Meenavars are the agnikula Kshatriyars..because meenavars had the title in the ancient period.So meenavars had the Agnikula Kshatriyar Title

What are facts about Kshatriya?

kshatriya is something that belongs in india and they use it for  the king and the warriors and the kshatriyas is the king and  warrior.
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What are the kshatriyas?

Kshatriyas are one of the four major castes in Hindus meaning those who are warriors , administrators and rulers
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Are Jatts Kshatriyas?

Jats are Kshatriyas. As per standards of Vedic Kshatriyas, Jats are the true Aryan belonging to Kshatriya varna. The Indo-Aryan origin of Jats has been advocated on the basis (MORE)