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Is the maurya kshatriya surname?

The Buddhist text of the Mahavamsa calls Chandragupta a section of the Khattya (Kshatriya) clan named Moriya (Maurya). Divyavadana calls Bindusara, son of Chandragupta, an ano (MORE)

Is maniyani a kshatriya?

Yes... Maniyanis (Yaduvanshi Kshatriyas - which comes under  Chandravanshi Kshatriyas) are traders originated from Sindh. They  settled at north Malabar especially at Payyan (MORE)
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What is a Kshatriyas main role in life?

well, mainly they are the fighters, and a person cannot be married out of the class. They are semi-wealthy and live in the sun dried brick houses instead of the wood thatched (MORE)
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Is nair kshatriya?

Nairs are Kshatriyas of kerala, all the royal houses and 90% of militias were from them,they are the first native warriors who defeated a Europian naval force (kulachal war ag (MORE)

Who are the kshatriyas?

They're the second highest class in the ancient India caste they were the warriors and their resembling color is red because of the scarifying blood of the warriors.

What are the kshatriyas?

Kshatriyas are one of the four major castes in Hindus meaning those who are warriors , administrators and rulers
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JATAV the Rajput Kshatriya Community?

yes they are and some off jatavs are yadav vansi rajputs and some of jatavs are jatt and jatav belongs to chanravasnh or surya vansh famous jatavs --mr.kasnhi ram shrimati (MORE)
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Who are agnikula kshatriyas?

Parvatharajakulam-Meenavars are the agnikula Kshatriyars..because meenavars had the title in the ancient period.So meenavars had the Agnikula Kshatriyar Title