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What is a BA?

As an acronym, a BA is a Bachelor of Arts, a business analyst, or British Airways. As a count noun, a ba is a person's soul or personality in ancient Egyptian mythology.
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What Does mi amore vole fe yah Mean?

yah isn't a part of the saying it's just Mi amore vole fe, which means "love needs faith". The problem with answering this question, everywhere I have looked online, is that (MORE)
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What does yah yah mean in Islam?

it is not yahyah it is spelled this way Yahya which means means john in our language my Muslim family gave me this name when i converted to Islam in 2004 and it is a name i (MORE)

What are BA and BS?

  The only real difference between the two is the ratio of general education vs. technical classes. A Bachelor of Arts (BA) has more gen. ed. and elective classes than Bac (MORE)