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When did roller coasters begin to be called roller coasters and why?

The first roller coaster was actually a coal mining car in NY in1895 that ran 18 miles down hill and would hit a 100 MPH. Peoplecame up to the hill where it was located and ro (MORE)

How do you fix a crashed roller coaster on roller coaster tycoon?

  I found this on a website, however it doesn't HELP with this situation. (I wrote how to really fix it, see below) Use the following trick to avoid demolishing an entir (MORE)

How do you record in no limits roller coaster?

In the middle of a simulation, you press the 0 on the number pad to start and stop recording. To get your video, go to desktop, then click no limits. there should be a screen (MORE)

What is a roller coasters kinetic energy?

Kinetic Energy is the energy of motion. It is equal to mass times velocity squared. So KINETIC ENERGY = MASS x VELOCITY^2, where ^ indicates raise to a power. Since for a giv (MORE)

Is the roller coaster tatsu scary?

Tatsu, a steel roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, may be  scary to some people. It is a flying coaster instead of the  traditional sitting coaster, which may make t (MORE)

When did roller coasters originate?

  Roller Coasters originated in France, but they were really unsafe and a lot of people were injured on them. Believe it or not, the first coaster was actually a hand car (MORE)

Which roller coaster has the most hills?

The Silver Bullet, in Knotsberry Farm in California, I would suggest going there, it's a lot cheaper then Disney land, and has a wicked roller coaster that has magnets that ma (MORE)