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Distance from Kunming to Lijiang?

About 8 hours by bus,and an hour by plane. There is no railway to Lijiang.. The distance from Kunming to Lijiang is about 680 km. About 300 km form Kunming to Adli,and about (MORE)

Where is Kunming Hainan Located?

Simple answer: China. But note that Kunming is the chief city of Yunnan Province in the SW while Hainan is a separate province (and it is an island) off the southern coast. Ha (MORE)

Can hurricane hit Kunming?

In the China area Hurricanes are called Typhoons. (so no, strictly a Hurricane could not hit Kunming). As regards a Typhoon, Kunming is quite a way inland from the sea and a (MORE)

What is a Kunming Wolfdog?

The Kunming Wolf-dog is a cross between a wolf and a dog. They are rare, but are becoming more popular because many people are fascinated with rare breeds. This dog is defi (MORE)