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What are the main reasons that the Persian Gulf war took place using examples from Iraq-Iran conflicts and Iraq-Kuwait conflicts?

The 'Gulf War' of 1991 took place as the result of Iraqi aggression  against the small oil-producing Arabic nation of Kuwait and  reactive aggression by the United States (a (MORE)

How many Persian Gulf Wars were there?

There are three "Persian Gulf Wars" in recent history. There is the First Persian Gulf War of 1980-1988, often called the Iran-Iraq War. There is the Second Persian Gulf War o (MORE)

Who were the leaders of the Persian gulf war?

George Bush, Norman Schwarzkopf, Khalid bin Sultan, and Colin Powell for the Kuwait/U.S. side. Saddam Hussein for the Iraqi side. King Fahad bin Abdulaziz was the leader of Sa (MORE)

What technology was used in the Persian Gulf War?

Nations within the Persian Gulf region use purchased equipment: Mostly Communist Chinese tanks, personnel carriers; and Soviet hardware. CHICOM Type 59 medium tanks look inden (MORE)

What was the start of the Persian gulf war?

The start of the Persian Gulf war was when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990. He invaded Kuwait mostly because he wanted the oil. The United Nations put sanctions on Iraq, (MORE)

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