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Why did the Kwakiutl migrate?

The Kwakiutl mainly migrated because of food. They followed thesame paths that other animals, and even fish traveled to.
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How do you pronounce Kwakiutl?

You pronounce it Kwak-U-Tell This was never a correct pronunciation. Even thirty years ago the ending never sounded like "tel" but was much less articulated, more like Kwawk ( Full Answer )
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What did the kwakiutl wear?

When its not cold the men wore breech cloths and the women wore short made of cedar barkskirts
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How did the Kwakiutl live?

Today they would rather be called Kwakwaka'wakw, which means Kwak'wala-speaking-peoples . They lived on the Northwestcoast of British Columbia, Canada. Historically, they main ( Full Answer )
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What did the Kwakiutl hunt?

They mostly hunted fish, specifically salmon. It's what's in their enviornment. That's why they did and hunted what they did. They "used" their resources.
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Where was Kwakiutl?

In the Pacific northwest, refers not to a place but to groups of Native Americans.
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Did the kwakiutls trade?

The Kwakiutl were an indigenous North American group living in thenorthwest. They traded with neighboring native people for valuableoil, and also participated in some of the e ( Full Answer )
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What is the kwakiutl totem?

A Kwakiutl totem pole is a wood carving that Kwakiutl tribe members would carve for spiritual purposes.
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What is an fact about the Kwakiutl?

An interesting fact about the Kwakiutl is that they are cannibals and eat each other
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What is the Kwakiutl Indians?

I can't tell you what it is but i can tell you some of the information of the Kwakiutl Tribe • Location- Pacific Northwest Coast in the Coastal Range region in North Ame ( Full Answer )