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How does the L glyceraldehyde differ from the D glyceraldehyde?

D and L are easily determined by looking at the hydroxy group that is farthest away from the aldehyde group. If it is on the right, it is the D enantiomer. If it is on the lef (MORE)
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What does D-Glucose and L- Glucose mean?

These are two sugar molecules which have the same formula (which is to say, the same number of each type of element per molecule) but have a slightly different geometrical arr (MORE)
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What is P W D L F A?

The letters P W D L F A are the letters at the top of a league form. The P stands for the games played by that specific team, W stands for games won, D stands for games drawn, (MORE)
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What is vin'd honneur?

A vin d'honneur (NB spelling!) is a reception usually following a particular ceremony, for example when an ambassador presents his credentials to the monarch.

A short biography on D L Moody?

D. L. Moody was undoubtedly one of the greatest evangelists of all time. The meetings held by Moody and Sankey were among the greatest the world has ever known. They were the (MORE)
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What is m c l d in numbers?

These are letters representing Roman Numerals. M = 1000 C = 100 L = 50 D = 500 However, the rules relating to the placing of Roman Numerals mean that there is no number that s (MORE)