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Why does it say machine in La La Land by Demi Lovato?

If you are referring to why the song mentions being a "machine in la la land", I believe it has to do with society. Some people tend to think they need to follow the "norm" se (MORE)

What is the meaning of la la?

    La, la is an expression used by certain people of the provence of Quebec, Canada commonly used at the end of a sentence. E.I.: Okay guys, I'll meet you there, la (MORE)

What land did Robert La Salle Claim?

In 1682, LaSalle traveled down the Illinois River to the Mississippi and continued all the way south to the Gulf of Mexico. On April 9, 1682 La Salle claimed all of the Missis (MORE)

What does Oh La La mean?

Basically ooh la la is an exclamation of surprised approval. The expression may have very strong sexual connotations, but not necessarily. It is used in America and other plac (MORE)

Who wrote La La Land?

Demi Lovato wrote LaLaLand. It is like the best song ever!   "I am confedent, but I still have my moments baby, that's just me"   "Tell me do you feel the way I feel, li (MORE)