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What films have Lucas films done?

Both American Graffiti movies , all the Star Wars movies , all the Indiana Jones movies ,Twice Upon A Time , Latino , Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters , Labyrinth , Howard The (MORE)

When was the film Las Adolescentes released?

The film Los Adolescentes (called The Adolescents) was a Mexican film that was released in 1968. It was almost nominated for an Oscar, but did not get nominated. There is also (MORE)
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Which film is the first film in india?

The first short films in India were directed by Hiralal Sen, starting with The Flower of Persia (1898). The first full-length motion picture in India was produced by Dadasaheb (MORE)

What film is La petite fille de la mer in?

It's in the Will Ferrell film: 'Stranger than Fiction'. I new I recognised it but it took me a while to work it out.
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Where was the film Leave Her To Heaven filmed?

Some parts of the movie on the lake were film on bass lake ca one hr north of Fresno on hwy 41 to route 222 you can view the website on
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Where was the film stardust filmed?

Victoria's house is in Castle Comb, England (beginning of the movie 7 mins.. and 1h35m(ish). Does anyone knows where is the beach where Septimus ends up running after the star (MORE)
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Where was the film Amadeus filmed?

Most of the movie was made in Prague in the Czech Republic. The palace just outside Prague castle was used as the Emperor's Palace and The Estates Theatre, also known as Tyl (MORE)

Was Elvis Presley ever in Las Vegas before he made the Las Vegas film?

Yes he had a brief stint in Las Vegas in 1956 but the audience was  an "older established crowd" and Elvis considered it to be "a  flop". However, he made a life long friend (MORE)