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What is a laboratory burner?

A laboratory burner, enables glassware (safe to be heated) containing chemicals or any liquid or solid to come to a boil or a certain temperature.
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Classification of laboratory?

HERE ARE MY ANSWERS . Medical Laboratory -A place equipped for the performance of tests, experiments, and investigative procedures and for the preparation of reagents, t ( Full Answer )
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What is the thing in laboratory?

Everything you need to conduct the experiments you are interested in. A basic chemistry lab would consist of test-tubes, burettes, pipettes, chemicals, washing sinks, crucible ( Full Answer )
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What are the things in laboratory?

Different laboratories carry different instruments that arespecific and relevant with regards to the scientific disciplinethey are catered for. However, most of them will carr ( Full Answer )
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What is laboratory wares?

Laboratory wares are the one that scientist use..... There are different types of laboratory products and are available with laboratory suppliers.
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Why are laboratory tools important in a laboratory?

Laboratory tools are very important in the Laboratory. This isbecause the tools are the items that help a person achieve whatthey need to, and with safety.
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What are the laboratory apparatuses and what are their use in laboratory?

1. pH-meter: measurement of of the pH 2. Oven: used for drying of materials 3. Burette: used for titration 4. Exsiccator: used for drying 5. Soxhlet apparatus: used for the ex ( Full Answer )
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What do you do in a laboratory?

If in chemistry laboratory then chemists can analyse compounds and elements to detemine concentration or if it does exist in the compound. or molecules for medicine, fertilize ( Full Answer )
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What is flask in laboratory?

A flask in laboratories are recipients designed to contain chemical reagents, to realize chemical reactions, to store chemicals, etc. Materials: glass or plastics Volumes ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to the p2 laboratory?

The p2 Laboratory is in black and white, right? You can get there by using HM Surf in the lake on Route 1, which is just as you leave the hometown where you start. Then you ri ( Full Answer )