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What is child labour?

child labour is where children are forced to work      2nd AnswerSummary of what is written below: Child Labour is dangerous and unhealthy work done by children ages 4 (MORE)

What is the Statute of labourers?

Well, the statute of labourers was a law passed by English government/Parliament to prevent the surviving peasants from freedom. The Statute of Labourers was an act passed b (MORE)
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How many seats do the Labour Party have in the Dáil?

They won 37 seats in the 2011 election, but due to changes intheir support, they now have 34 seats (November 2013).
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What is labour intensive?

Labor intensive refers to the combinations of factor inputs for a firm. If a firm produces a good that is labor intensive it means that the number of units of labor is high re (MORE)
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What are the merits of child labour?

It provides livelihood to children who would otherwise starve to death. It provides a means of income to families, which do not have any elderly member to go and work and ear (MORE)