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What is lacs?

A lakh or lac is a unit in the South Asian numbering system equalto one hundred thousand. In the Indian numbering system, it iswritten as 1,00,000. It is widely used both in o ( Full Answer )
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What does 10 lacs mean in India?

In India, the numbering system is. 1 ------------------> One. 10 ------------------> Ten. 100 -----------------> Hundred. 1000----------------> Thousand. 10000 -------------- ( Full Answer )
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What is lac?

Lac is a scarlet-colored resinous secretion from some insects, such as scale insects and mealy bugs.
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What does the medical abbreviation LAC mean?

In medicine, LAC stands for several things. One thing it stands for is Long-Arm Cast. Another thing it stands for is Laceration. LAc can stand for licensed acupuncturist. Left ( Full Answer )
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What do the genes do in lac operon?

operon a segment of chromosome consisting of an operator gene and closely linked strutural gene possessing related function.
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Why is lac curve u-shaped?

LAC is u shaped due to the law of return to scale. In the long run the law of returns to scale operates. i.e. in the beginning, with the increase in variable and factors facto ( Full Answer )
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Is lac la biche a town?

Lac La Biche is a hamlet within Lac La Biche County. Lac La Biche County is an amalgamated municipality, which includes the hamlets of Lac La Biche and Plamondon, and also ho ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell lac?

The spelling lac is French for "lake." The word sought may be lack (shortage, dearth).
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What is correct 22 lac or 22 lacs?

Neither. The correct form is 22 lakhs. Lac is lacquer, not a number. Neither. The correct form is 22 lakhs. Lac is lacquer, not a number. Neither. The correct form is 22 l ( Full Answer )