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How do you overcome lack of attention?

It depends. You might have a disorder called ADD, or attention deficit disorder, which means it is hard for you to pay attention. To overcome ADD I would recommend talking to (MORE)
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What do bryophytes lack?

bryophytes lack vascular tissue, and therefore they lack a true stem or leaves because these contain vascular tissues. Another is they lack the ability to reproduce outside of (MORE)
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What is lack of leadership?

lack of leadership is when someone as far of the government or the president is not doing there job and hurry and get it done without really trying to work at it brushing it o (MORE)

Why do mercury and the moon lack an atmosphere?

Because their small mass makes its gravity too weak to retain much gas around it. ;-)
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What is lack of sleep?

Lack of sleep is where you do not sleep as long as you normally do. For instance if you went to sleep at 9pm and woke up at 7:30am , then started going to sleep at 3am and wak (MORE)

What is lack of manpower?

A shortage of manpower or employees in an organization which may lead to many problems in organization operation.
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What diseases are due to lack of vitamins?

Scurvy is due to a deficiency in vitamin C. Rickets is due to a deficiency in Vitamin D. Pernicious anaemia can develop from a deficiency in Vitamin B12.
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Prokaryotes lack what?

Prokaryotes lack a membrane bound nucleus. This means the nucleus  is free to float about the cell. A eukaryote, on the other hand has  a membrane bound nucleus.

What is lack of initiative?

A lack of initiative leads people to be poor, because people just  do not want to work. A lack of initiative might also be responsible  for higher crime rates in an area. A (MORE)