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Does cheese have lactose?

Actually, not all cheese has lactose. Typically hard aged cheeses, such as cheddar, contain little to no lactose. All Cabot cheeses contain zero (0) grams of lactose. Eating (MORE)
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Is there lactose in yogurt?

Yes there is. Lactose is found as a disaccharide in milk and yogurt is a milk product. The flavor of yogurt to milk is the fermentation of the lactose by Lactobacillus and Str (MORE)
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Is lactose an aldose?

yes, because it's made up of glucose and galactose. These 2 sugars are monosaccharides that have an aldehyde at their C1 end in their linear form, thus they're both aldoses. T (MORE)

What is lactose intolerance?

Lactose Intolerant means that your body is unable to metabolize, or tolerate, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products called Lactose. It is caused by a lack of lactase, (MORE)

Is lactose a polysaccharide?

No, lactose is a disaccharide. In Greek, poly means many, and di means two. Lactose is composed of two molecules: galactose and glucose, both of which are monosaccharides (mon (MORE)

Does yogurt have lactose?

While yoghurt has less lactose than the milk from which it is made, it does contain some lactose, because the fermentation process is not 100% complete. There do exist some br (MORE)
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What is the source of lactose?

The source of lactose is cows. Lactose is a type of a sugar substance that is found in milk. If someone is alergic to milk it is usually the lactose.