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What is Jacobs ladder?

Answer . A ladder to heaven as described in Genesis 28:11-19. . Jacob's Ladder . This is mentioned in KJV version of the Bible in Genesis 28 v12 whenJacob dreamed a (MORE)
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Fear of ladders?

There is not a phobia name for someone who fears ladders. The fearof heights is called acrophobia and that would most likely be whysomeone would fear a ladder.

What is ladder programming?

Ladder programming is used in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) and is designed to be easily understood by engineers who are used to relay systems. It uses symbols for re (MORE)

How do you do a ladder wedgie?

A Ladder Wedgie is a variation of the Hanging Wedgie. In a Ladder Wedgie, the reciever's undies are hooked around a ladder, giving the a huge wedgie, depending on how tall the (MORE)
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What is an evolutionary ladder?

An evolutionary ladder is a diagram used to represent stages in evolution. Apes-?- neanderthals- humans is an example of an evolutionary ladder in word form. Apes are at the b (MORE)
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Is a ladder has a screw?

Screw the ladder, need a screw. Screw on the ladder may be difficult, much toppling and overbalance in the heat of the moment and the angle of the dangle, oh yes! Not seen a l (MORE)

What is bond laddering?

A bound ladder is a bound investing strategy. There are two basic reasons for using the bound ladder strategy. By staggering the bond maturity dates, your money is not (MORE)

Why do tights ladder?

Because they're made from super-fine nylon fibres that are relatively weak. their weakness makes it easy to break the strands.

What is snake and ladder?

Snakes and Ladders was an old board game played in India and then later in North America. I think Hasbro is the game company that sells it.