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What is a gravy ladle?

A gravy ladle is a device used to ladle (spoon or pour) gravy. It is similar in design to soup ladles. It looks like a spoon with a deep curve and nearly perpendicular (at ( Full Answer )
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What is the use of a ladle?

To scoop liquids (like soups or stews) out of a pot and into a bowl. It functions as a large, deep spoon.
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Who created the ladle?

Soup ladles were likely created by Joseph Scherer, who was fromBuffalo, New York in the 1800s. While his creation of the ladle isnot quite the same as the modern ladle, it was ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of a ladle?

A ladle is intended to hold a liquid form of food so the food canbe transferred from one container to another.
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How do you use ladle in a sentence?

The buffet had a large ladle in each container of soup. The cook bent over to ladle more beans from the cooking pot.
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When was the first ladle made?

The first ladles were dried out and halved gourds that could be used as dippers. Their invention and deployment for this purpose is pre-historical (we don't know when it start ( Full Answer )
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Do you use a ladle to stir?

Well not most of the time. Ladles would usually be used for liquids. Spatulas would be more preferable for stirring. Ladles are good for stirring liquids.
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How many quarts are in a soup ladle?

My larger soup ladle contains about 1/6 of a quart. I have a smaller one that holds about 1/10 of a quart too.
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What does a ladle do?

I think it is like a spoon that is used to scoop soup up or punchat parties.