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Why was the film entitled silence of the lambs?

  The young FBI trainee, Clarice tells Hannibal a childhood memory about the farm she grew up and where once she tried to save a lamb from slaughter. She coluld not manage (MORE)

Where was Silence of the Lambs filmed?

  ; Bellaire, Ohio, USA  : (Belvedere, Ohio scenes)  ; Bimini Airport, South Bimini Island, Bahamas  :  ; Carnegie Museum of Natural History - 4400 Forbes Avenue, (MORE)

Who is Caroline Kennedy?

  Born: 27 November 1957   Birthplace: New York, New York   Best Known As: The oldest child of John and Jackie Kennedy   Caroline Kennedy is the daughter of pr (MORE)

Who is suite Caroline?

a very good singer she is like the best. Just would like to add some facts too... 12 year old Suite Caroline is an amazing musical talent. She has already released 2 CDs of a (MORE)
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Who is Caroline sunshine?

caroline sunshine is a 17 year old girl who is on shake it up team  spitz and mardmaduke.

Who plays Mary in The Miracle of your Lady of Fatima 1952 film?

  Long before the J.C. Superstar, the whole idea of actors and actresses playing supernatural beings or posthumous saints- was , to put it mildly, tricky and in the catego (MORE)

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