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Who is the deputy governor of Lagos?

  Her Names are Mrs. Sarah Adebisi Sosan   Her Names are Mrs. Sarah Adebisi Sosan
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Where is communism?

Contaray to public belief, communism technicaly doesn't exist. By definition, communism is the final stage of socialism where government seizes to exist. Many countries in Afr (MORE)

What is postal code of lagos state?

Q: What is Lagos state postal code? A: For Lagos Mainland its 100001 while for Lagos Island its 101001 Nigeria just like most other countries dont use ZIP codes, only Post (MORE)

What is is communication?

Communication is the process of making contact between two points or generally it is a transfer of information from one person or point to another.
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What is communalism?

Belief in or practice of communal ownership, as of goods and property.  # Strong devotion to the interests of one's own minority or ethnic group rather than those of society (MORE)

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Why does lago hate Othello in Othello?

There are a few different interpretations about why Iago hates Othello so much he is intent on destroying him. The most obvious is explained in the very first scene, where Iag (MORE)

What is a commune?

  A commune is also called an "intentional community." It is a relatively small community whose members share common interests, work and income and often own property co (MORE)
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What is community?

A community is a collection of different populations that live together in an area. Communtiy mean one person wish to fullfill al his own desires but he can,t fulfill it so to (MORE)

How long by train from lisbon to lagos?

That depends, but you will always need to take two trains. First  you will need to take a national train to Tunes.  If you take the fastest one (Alfa), it will take about  (MORE)