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What is a lagoon?

A body of salty or brackish water that is separated from the ocean by a barrier; kind of like a slat water pond near the ocean that is connected somehow but also blocked from ( Full Answer )
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Does Canberra have a lagoon?

No. It has a lake, named Lake Burley Griffin.The Molonglo River which flows across the Molonglo plain has been dammed to form the body of water in the centre of the city calle ( Full Answer )
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What is the Black Lagoon?

Black Lagoon is a 1954 monster horror 3-D film in black -and-white, directed by Jack Arnold
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What is ghost of the lagoon about?

Boy named Mako who wants to kill a monster shark named Tupa. Mako wants to revenge his fathers death because Tupa killed his father. Finally he killed Tupa and the islanders w ( Full Answer )
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Why are lagoons dangerous?

Lagoons are dangerous because, sharks swim into them to lay their pups. So if you think about it logically, why exactly would it not be dangerous to swim around in an area whe ( Full Answer )
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Were are lagoons found in?

Do you mean "Where are lagoons found in?" If so then this is the answer... Water
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Why are lagoons blue?

Lagoons are blue beacuse they are usually clean, and are veryshallow. Lagoons are usually on islands, such as, Hawaii, Comino(Malta), etc..
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What is a lagoon jellyfish?

The spotted jelly, lagoon jelly, goldenmedusa, or Papuan jellyfish (Mastigias papua) is a speciesof jellyfish from the Indo-Pacific..
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What are atonyms for lagoon?

There isn't really an antonym for lagoon because it's just a lake. If anything the opposite of lagoon might be land or sand bank
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What is the pH of a lagoon?

The pH would depend on the volume of rainwater flowing into thelagoon, and the type of rock the water flowed over.