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What is digital microwave point to point?

  A communication link where microwaves are used to transmit digital information from one point to another. This is line of sight only due to the fact that micro waves do (MORE)

What is the point of cheerleading?

The point of cheerleading is to support the team, while  entertaining the crowd. Cheerleaders do this by performing stunts,  tumbling, dancing, cheering, and being peppy. Wh (MORE)

Do you say to point out or to point to?

"Point out" and "point to" have substantially the same meaning, but, idiomatically, "point out" usually refers to a more abstract or complex object whereas "point to" refers t (MORE)
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Can you do pointe with demi pointe shoes?

It is physically possible...BUT... do not do it. It can break toes, feet, and possibly mess up tendens and muscles in the process. It also hurts. If you want to go onto pointe (MORE)

How do you get points on points 2 shop?

You don't, because it's a scam. It operates on several levels, principally exploiting those who wish "free" stuff for little or no effort. In theory, you are signing up with t (MORE)
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What is a glide point?

A glide point is the touch pad on your laptop that moves the mouse pointer around the screen with your finger touch.
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Where is the L1 Lagrangian point?

Orbital mechanics is a very difficult and complex science, because we do not have a generalized way to compute the gravitational attractions between a large number of objects. (MORE)

What are the advantages of a multi point connection over a point-to-point?

generally its used for fail-over and reliability. obviously the more connections you have the more reliable your connection however you also have to be aware that the more con (MORE)
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What is a Lagrangian point?

Example: earth rotating around the sun place (nominal mass) object in between at nominal point close to the sun measure the net gravitational pull (assume its toward the (MORE)