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What is digital microwave point to point?

  A communication link where microwaves are used to transmit digital information from one point to another. This is line of sight only due to the fact that micro waves do (MORE)

What is the point of cheerleading?

The point of cheerleading is to support the team, while  entertaining the crowd. Cheerleaders do this by performing stunts,  tumbling, dancing, cheering, and being peppy. Wh (MORE)

What is the subsolar point?

The subsolar point is that point on a planet's surface where the sun is directly overhead at any particular point in time.     Another way of looking at it is that it i (MORE)

What is point of continuance?

It is the point of the road when you make the decision to keep going while covering the brake. Knowing that the green light is soon going to change yellow.
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What are collinear points?

Collinear points are points that lie on the same line. Noncollinear points do not lie on the same line. Any two points are always collinear, i.e. forming a line. Three or more (MORE)

Where is the L1 Lagrangian point?

Orbital mechanics is a very difficult and complex science, because we do not have a generalized way to compute the gravitational attractions between a large number of objects. (MORE)

What is the docking point?

In nautical terms, it is a place where boats will stay and park stationery. In computing, it is a place to insert usb and other stuff that would usually go into a computer or (MORE)

What is the point of swearing?

The purpose of swearing is to affirm the truth of what you said. However, the term 'swearing' most often is used to refer to 'foul language'. People swear or use foul language (MORE)