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Was Elia Kazan related to Lainie Kazan?

No. Lainie Kazan was born Lanie Levine in 1940 in Brooklyn, NYC. Elia Kazan had four children with Molly Thacher (Judy, Nicholas, Chris, and Kate) and one son with his second (MORE)
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Was elia kazan Jewish?

No. He was Greek born in the Ottoman empire (Turkey), his family migrated to the U.S.A in 1913. He was brought up as a Greek Orthodox Christian but later on, he became "agnos (MORE)
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Where did writer Nicholas Kazan get his ideas for the movie 'Fallen'?

  I don't know where he got his ideas, but they were very good.   There wasn't enough scriptural praying to combat the demon, at any rate.   He seems to know alot, I (MORE)

Why was there a controversy when Elia Kazan was nominated for an Academy Award?

It wasn't a competitive award. On March 21, 1999, the Academy presented an honorary Oscar to the 89-year-old Kazan, whose film credits included "Gentleman's Agreement," "A Str (MORE)

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