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Is lake balaton a salt lake?

    No! Lake Balaton is not salty! It has a unique water texture, very silky, smooth, similar feeling as soapy water has. It is worth the trip alone, not to mention th (MORE)

How can a lake be a salt water lake?

There is a channel....a opening where the salt water can enter An inland lake can also be salty if mineral deposits under the lake contain salt, or the lake has only inflowi (MORE)

How many lakes are in a great lake?

Currently there are 5 recognized Great Lakes; Huron, Ontario, Erie, Superior and Michigan. In actuality Lake Huron and Michigan are the same lake, but they were named separate (MORE)

How did lake taupo become a lake?

Lake Taupo is volcanic in origin. Aorund 26,500 years ago the Taupo  Volcano, which is a supervolcano, unleashed an eruption far larger  than any seen in recorded history.Th (MORE)