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What did LaMarck do?

Jean-Baptiste LaMarck's evolution theories included soft inheritance, Lamarckism. The idea that an organism can pass on characteristics it acquired during it's lifetime onto i (MORE)

How did Lamarck think species evolve?

Lamarck's theory is that an organism can pass traits to their offspring that they have acquired in their lifetime. One example commonly used is that he felt giraffes acquired (MORE)

What was lamarcks hypothesis about how species change?

His theory was that animals changed themselves to better suit the environment after the environment changed. They passed these changes or "adaptations" to their offspring. Thi (MORE)

How did Lamarcks ideas differ from Darwins?

 Lamarck believed an individual organism acquired traits during its  lifetime and passed those traits on to its offspring. He lacked  support for his ideas. Darwin documen (MORE)

What is weismans experiment to disprove lamarckism?

August Weismann disproved, or attempt to disprove the theory of Lamarckism (which states that: the adaptive trait gained by an organism during its life time can transfer to th (MORE)

What was Jean-Baptiste Lamarck famous for?

Having the first theory of evolution that offered a mechanism for the process. Unfortunately, his mechanism contained concepts that were not really that correct. The concept o (MORE)

What are the theories of evolution by lamarck?

Mainly that animals can change their own forms over time and that these traits are inherited by their offspring. A classic example is of a giraffe making its neck longer and l (MORE)