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Example of the literary term lampoon?

Lampoon is severe mockery or ridicule in prose that is sometimes amalicious attack on someone. Anytime that you make fun of somethingby imitation to be funny or mean then you ( Full Answer )
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Example of lampoon?

\n\nLampoon is a term that describes satire that is used to harshly describe something or someone. An example of this would be the famous phrase uttered by Jed Babbin: "Going ( Full Answer )
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How do you use lampoon in a sentence?

It sounds like a lampoon of college life in the dorms. Lampoon is aword that means criticizing someone or something.
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Lampoon in a sentence?

The dorm area of the college was lampoon when comparing to otherstudent life. Lampoon means to criticize someone or something.
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What does lampooned mean?

Lampooned means ridiculed, satirized or made fun of in writing, usually in the form of a cartoon. Most political cartoons in the daily papers are lampoons taking the mick out ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for lampoon?

George's lampoon of his boss's peculiar way of speaking had his co-workers rolling in the aisles--and lost him his job.
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How many national lampoon movies?

There are over 70 titles from what i have found and also remember: 1. Animal House (1978) aka "National Lampoon's Animal House" - USA (complete title) 2. Vacation (19 ( Full Answer )
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How would you use lampoon in a sentence?

You should be able to use it in the place of satirize or parody. For example, I lampooned the politician's speech, or maybe I made a lampoon of the politician's speech. It can ( Full Answer )
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What was the National Lampoon magazine?

The National Lampoon magazine that ran from April 1970 to November 1998 was an American humour magazine. It featured parodies, cartoons, comic strips, long articles, and short ( Full Answer )