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What is the purpose of putting holes near the top of lampshade?

Most lampshades are made of plastic or cloth. The holes are meant to allow the heat of the light bulb to escape or dissipate, since heat rises. If they were not there, the sha (MORE)

What is the best cleaner to clean lampshades?

This depends on what material the shade is made out of. If it's made out of glass or crystal then a weak solution of washing up liquid and vinegar will clean and bring the spa (MORE)

Do you dilute acrylic wall paint with water to paint a lampshade?

You could, but if you have some 100% acrylic solid stain, you would get better results since you wouldn't need to thin it nearly as much as a paint. If you have to use paint, (MORE)

What kind of paint should you use to paint a fabric lampshade?

Here is a link for fabric paints-- Link#1 This link will give you the steps to Fabric Painting-- Link#2 To get best results, use a water based paint specifically designed (MORE)

How can you dye lampshades with Rit dye?

You would have to be sure that the lampshade is made of natural  fibers and does not have a coating that would prevent a dye from  being absorbed. Wear gloves and use a spon (MORE)
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How are capiz shells made into lampshades?

Capiz shells are shells that come from a bivalve marine mollusk, that have a unique translucent shell used in commercial products, including lampshades. There are many tutori (MORE)