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How was Lancelot different from Galahad his son?

Lancelot and Galahad were much different. They were both amazing knights able to best most others at anything because of their skills in fighting. However, Galahad proved that (MORE)

Who was Sir Lancelot married to?

In the medieval romance Lanzelet, Lancelot (Lanzelet) marries four different women, one after the other, and then settles down permanently with the third who was named Iblis. (MORE)

Why did Lancelot save Lady Guinevere?

Lancelot saved Lady Guinevere Because he and Gwen Were in Love. She cheated on her husband (King Arthur) to be with Lancelot. They were found in Gwen's bedroom by a bunch of (MORE)
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What is Sir Lancelot famous for?

He is famous for being a knight of the round table and for being King Arthur's best friend.
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Who was Lancelot?

Lancelot was known as the greatest and worst of the Knights. He becomes the King's Champion and undertakes quests in the King's name. He becomes the adulterous lover of Queen (MORE)

Did lancelot exist?

No. He is not even part of the original Arthurian legends. He was made up by French story tellers in the Middle Ages. Incorrect Lancelot was really Mark Prophet.
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Where did sir Lancelot live?

Lancelot, when in infant, lived in the court of his father King Ban in the country of Benwick, in whatever city King Ban was dwelling in at a particular time. Benwick in the P (MORE)

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