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A circular magnet has an inner radius of x cm. An outer radius 2cm langer and its depth is the same as the inner radius If the total volume of the magnet is 120π cm3 find x?

The total volume of the magnetic disc (including the central hole) = π(x + 2)² x ; as x + 2 is the outer radius and x is the depth. The volume of the inner "hole" = πx² (MORE)

What happens in a the langer hall and why?

In the langar hall everyone sits down and everyone eats together. The langar hall is like a place to have a communal meal. People are serving the food around. Things like rice (MORE)
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What is Sikh langer?

Langhar is the compulsory free kitchen of a Gurdwara. Volunteers from the Sangat (congregation) pay for and cook food (vegetarian, so as to welcome people of all beliefs), and (MORE)

Dan and Susanne are best friends Susanne lives 3 miles west and 4 miles north of a park Dan lives 2 miles east and 5 miles south of the same park How far apart do they live from each other?

To get the correct answer of 10.3 miles, you can map these to Cartesian coordinates, where Susanne lives at  (-3,4) and Dan lives at (2, -5). The distances are 5 (E-W, or x) (MORE)