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Which language is the Navajo language base on?

It is part of a family of languages that linguists call Southern  Athapascan. It in turn is part of the larger Athapaskan family that  includes Northern Canadian, Alaskan an (MORE)

Which language is c language?

If you mean what type of language is the C Programming language, it is a high-level, statically compiled, procedural programming language. It is often described as one of the (MORE)

Why do we have language?

The purpose and origin of language has been a conundrum to  linguists and anthropologists since it was first posed. The  practical application of language is obvious: commun (MORE)

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Telugu language came from which language?

Telugu, Kannada and Tamil are equally old. Kannada and Tamil greatly influenced by Sanksrit and Telugu was influence by Prakrit. Prakrit was a natural language and oldest incr (MORE)

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What is language?

Basically, language is the symbols we use in order to  communicate with one another, and the rules that govern how we use  them.   We are wired to learn language from ou (MORE)

Are a horses language and your language the same?

That's up to the human. From a lifetime of loving horses I've learned (sometimes the hard way) that horses speak volumes if we are smart enough to listen. Horses have expressi (MORE)

Do you need language or languages?

There is little doubt that learning a foreign language will expand your views of the world, and will create associations that prove helpful. There are quite valid ways of view (MORE)

What family of languages is the Thai language in?

The Thai language belongs to the "Austro-Asiatic" family. Since Thailand and Vietname are peninsulas. "Austro" means "sailor" and "Asiatic" means "Asian". The other person is (MORE)