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What is language?

Basically, language is the symbols we use in order tocommunicate with one another, and the rules that govern how we usethem. . We are wired to learn language from our earlies ( Full Answer )
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Why do we have language?

The purpose and origin of language has been a conundrum tolinguists and anthropologists since it was first posed. Thepractical application of language is obvious: communicativ ( Full Answer )
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Why are there languages?

there are languages because first to differentiate people and where they come from. Secondly to simplify our communication with other people.Imaginea world without any langu ( Full Answer )
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What is language and a language?

language is the way you speak for example spanish some of the words areguia del usuario and that means owners guide os presto that is an monator tooken for blood sugar
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What language are they?

"They" is part of the English language. It is a pronoun, meaning a group or collection.
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What if there were no language?

There would be no mode of communication (vocal,written or body sign language).There would be no arguments,debates,lectures,speechs,news,books or even this forum WikiAnswers !
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Why you have language?

To commuicate with others or group or society. May be body actions alone will not be sufficient for communication, say in the case of blind people who cannot see other action ( Full Answer )
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What is A Language and Language?

A language is something people speak many languages like French,German,Italian.A language are the word that come out of our mouth.
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Which are languages?

Persian/Iranian Avestan- Old Persian, Sanskrit, Pehlavi, Pashto (Afghanistan), Baluchi, Kurdish, Tajik Indic Prakits, Pali,Hindi, Gujarti, Sindhi, Panjabi, Kashmiri, Marat ( Full Answer )
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How did you get languages?

People were building a tower to reach god but god didn't like that so over night he made them all speak a different language so they couldn't keep on building the tower, and t ( Full Answer )