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Information on Football game. Translate it into Hindi language.?

फुटबॉल जो आयताकार घास पर खेला जाता है खेल है. यह गेंद के साथ खेला जात (MORE)

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What is the official language of the Olympic Games?

The official languages of the Olympic Games are English and French. Every proclamation, such as the announcements during the opening parade, are spoken in three languages: Eng (MORE)
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What is the Pokemon games programming language?

Generally they are programed in assembly or C. The old Gameboy pokemon games were programed in assembly. The newer ones are most likely programed in C.
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What is the best programming language to create a game in?

Hi, about making game, you can use the language that you know, but before you begin you need to find sources to show you the right way, I'm talking about 3d game programming. (MORE)

What are the languages in region 1?

Region 1 consists of the United states and its territories, Canada,  Bermuda, and the Caribbean. The languages of this region are  English, Dutch, French, and Spanish.
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