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Which programming language is better for games?

  Low level languages, such as C/C++, are usually preferred for programming games because they are normally faster at graphics processing than other languages. If you me (MORE)

What is the easiest programming language to make a game in?

There will not be an unanimous vote for a single programming language in answer to your question, as the answer depends on your background, the type of game you plan to create (MORE)

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What is the official language of the Olympic Games?

The official languages of the Olympic Games are English and French. Every proclamation, such as the announcements during the opening parade, are spoken in three languages: Eng (MORE)

What is the best programming language to create a game in?

Hi, about making game, you can use the language that you know, but before you begin you need to find sources to show you the right way, I'm talking about 3d game programming. (MORE)