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Can you be allergic to lanolin?

YES, I am allergic to LANOLIN. I had a shower using some cream shower gel (containing Lanolin) and the next day I was scratching alot and felt like I had dry skin. So I took a (MORE)
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Does lanolin make your hair grow?

Lanolin comes from sheep's wool Wool is thick. Maybe there is a connection with hair. Perhaps diluted and/or with something else. I have been using my own semen with lanolin (MORE)
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Does pure lanolin cure warts?

I have used automotive hand cleaners with lanolin, 3 times a day and the warts were completely gone in 3 days, not sure if it is the lanolin in it that removes the wart though (MORE)
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Is lanolin in woolite?

Yes, Woolite for Delicates has lanolin oil in it. I have been using it to hand-wash my pure wool jumpers, pure cashmere scarves and jacket, and pure merino wool suits since 20 (MORE)
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How do you remove lanolin built up?

my husband used lanolin motomaster hand cleaner on the bath tub, i want to remove the residue, waxy feel. how to remove?
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Where can you purchase Lansinoh lanolin products?

There are many places where someone can purchase Lansinoh Lanolin products. They can be purchased either in store or online. The best place would be to check Amazon or a local (MORE)
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What is Lanolin usually used for?

Lanolin, a waxy substance usually produced from sheep, is most usually used for personal care and health care. In can be found in many lip products and facial products. It is (MORE)