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What is a laptop?

A laptop is a computer that is small and folds so you can easily carry it around. It looks like a big rectangle that has a screen on the top and a keyboard on the bottom. But (MORE)
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What does a laptop do?

A laptop a portable computer device that is often folded open and placed on top of one's lap- hence laptop
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What is the laptop?

It is a gummy bear flying up in the air like its playing Quake Live . LOL XD  Are you a tree?  Are you a gummy bear?  go on Youtube to find out  LOL i was showing my siste (MORE)

Where can you get laptops?

There are a vast array of high street stores and online retailersselling laptops - These are accessible world wide in mosts casesand all (if they are legal) accept Credit, deb (MORE)

What can laptops do?

These days a laptop can do anything that a desktop can do plus with the added benefit of being mobile. I built a super fast top-of-the-line desktop 1 year ago, the laptop i bo (MORE)

Why do you have laptop?

Well people have their own opinoins why they have their laptops. I got my laptop because its more private, because laptops are more portable. But that's just my opinion. Peop (MORE)

What can laptop do?

A computer laptop can do most everything that can be done on a desktop computer but it is more portable. It has built-in features such as a touch-pad to replace the standard m (MORE)