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Why we can't use silicon and germanium in laser diode?

becoz Si and Ge are indirect bandgap semiconductors. for lasing  action direct bandgap semiconductors are required of the type In Ga  As P
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How do you test diode?

To test a diode, you can do a variety of tests. The easiest may be measuring the resistance across the leads of a diode. One side should read very high resistance, over 1 mego (MORE)

Why diode is called diode?

diode:= di+ iode di means two,and iode means terminal,,,, diode is two terminal device i.e anode and cathode
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Why a diode is named a diode?

At the time of their invention, such devices were known as rectifiers. In 1919, the year tetrodes were invented, William Henry Eccles coined the term diode from the Greek root (MORE)
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What diodes are called catching diodes?

It's a diode that is used to limit a voltage to some desired value.  Importantly, it's used to limit a transient voltage or an  alternative voltage.    The simplest e (MORE)

What does a Diode do?

A diode is a semiconductor meaning it will conduct from anode to cathode if the anode is held positive. Reversing the polarity Will in effect block current flow.
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Why is a gunn diode called a diode?

A Gunn diode, also known as a transferred electron device (TED), is a form of diode used in high-frequency electronics. It is somewhat unusual in that it consists only of N-do (MORE)

What are the differences between an LED and a laser diode?

What is the difference between Lasers and LED's (light emitting diodes)?   Lasers are monochromatic (single color wavelength), collimated (non-divergent) and coherent (wav (MORE)

What is required to turn a LED into a laser diode?

you can't. they are two different things. however you might be able to focus it to a small point with a lens. It is possible to use an array of hundreds or thousands of hig (MORE)