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What is lassi?

Lassi is typically a yoghurt based drink which is made by blending yoghurt with sugar, ice and various Indian spices. It originated in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan (MORE)
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What race is lassie?

Lassie, the dog, is of the Collie breed. all movie and TV Lassies were of this breed, as it is a standard breed, different dogs could be used for different types of stunts and (MORE)
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What does lassies mean?

In Scots dialect, young or adolescent girls are called lassies (sing. lass). Boys are lads, or laddies (sing. lad).
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Who was the star in lassie?

The first Lassie character was called 'Pal' where as there has been many descendants of this astonishing movie phenominon!
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Where is lassie buried?

the original Lassie is buried on her favorite hill on author Eric Knight's family farm in Springfield township, Bucks county, Pa.
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How old is lassie?

Lassie Is Way To Old Now :P Btw That Little Smartass that wrote 'Hi' I'm Gonna Kill Youu >:(
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Did lassy die?

The programs had a life-cycle of close to twenty years. few dogs live more than l3 years, and there were, as explained- several dogs involved, all, except maybe the recent (l9 (MORE)
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What is lassie about?

Lassie is Yogurt shake mostly used in North India and Pakistan. It is made of Yogurt, it can be Plain Lassie *just Yogurt shake* Namkeen Lassie has salt in it ans Sweet Lassie (MORE)
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Where is Lassie from?

The dog breed used in ALL the movie and Tv dramatizations of (Lassie) which has had a variety of authors, plot details and scenarios, is the Collie. All movie and tV Lassies h (MORE)
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Did Lassie have puppies?

"Lassie," star of several TV shows and movies, was played by anumber of male dogs, which were thought to be easier to train. TheTV show that was popular in the 60s offered "La (MORE)