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How many miles does a snowmobile last?

depends on if its 4 stroke or 2 stroke.. usually a 2 stroke will last about 5000 - 10000 miles if taken care of properly but they can last as mush as 18000 is the highest ive (MORE)

How many miles will Honda Pilot last?

As of 12/26/2012 I have 243,000 miles on my 2003 Honda Pilot. A good mix of highway and local driving. Getting 21mpg suburban commuting 100 miles daily. Change oil every 5000 (MORE)

How many miles does Nissan Altima last?

I currently own 2 Nissan and the mileage on both are high. My 96 Altima is 325,568 right now and it is still running great. The other one I have is a 94 Sentra and the mileage (MORE)

How many miles will a Honda element last?

The amount of miles that a Honda Element will last will vary from  vehicle to vehicle. The wear and tear on the vehicle plays a role  in the amount of miles the engine can t (MORE)

Does a Hyundai accent last for 300000 miles?

I got a Hyundai accent (Exel 95) that has 310000 KM and still runs very well. No engine overalls done. -I believe that is true. Most people look down at the Hyundai because t (MORE)

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