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What is Dispatch latency?

Answer . \nThe time between when a thread is scheduled and when it begins to execute. Theoretically, in a preemptive OS the dispatch latency for a high-priority thread sho ( Full Answer )
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Why do you get latency on your cubase?

I think its due to your sound card, its possible to change thesetting in your options menu but its very little difference, I havethe same problem, especially when using midi, ( Full Answer )
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What is latence?

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What does latency mean?

Latency is the amount of time that it takes for information from your computer to travel to the source. Latency should not be confused with bandwidth, as bandwidth measures ho ( Full Answer )
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What is cache latency?

delay to access the data in cache in context of processor's speed. Time to access the requested data in cache , at that time processor have to wait .. is called cache la ( Full Answer )
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What is miss latency?

miss latency is the time (in cycles) the CPU waits when a miss happen in the cache. (the time needed to bring the data from the main memory to the cache).
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What is sleep latency?

Sleep latency-- The amount of time that it takes to fall asleep. Sleep latency is measured in minutes and is important in diagnosing depression.
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What is latency on a network?

Variation in delay of the packet sent from the transmitter to the receiver and back to the transmitter.
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What is counterstrike latency?

Latency is depend on your distance from the server and also your net speed.if latetiency is less there is no lag in server B-) ..
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Why is latency important?

why is it important to match the latencies of the older modules tothe newer modules