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Uses of laterite?

Laterite is a layer of soil that contains aluminum and iron oxide  minerals like hematite and goethite This type of soil is found in  tropical regions, and its uses include (MORE)

What is a laterite?

  A red residual soil in humid tropical and subtropical regions that is leached of soluble minerals, aluminum hydroxides, and silica but still contains concentrations of i (MORE)
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Why is laterite soil highly leached?

Laterite soils were formed in wet tropical conditions, causing rapid leaching of silicate and other minerals.
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Why laterite soil is yellow in color?

The colour of laterite soil depends upon where it is. In temperate climates it will be yellow, but in tropical climes it will be red. This is because the iron oxide, which is (MORE)
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What crops are grown on laterite soil?

leaf crops that require well drained soil. laterite is too hard and stoney to produce root crops in ..... tea and coffee and coconut are grown
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