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Where does Latex come from?

Latex comes from the Brazilian Rubber Tree milk..... Laytex is made from latex (rubber tree milk) from which proteins, sugars and water solubles are removed.
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Where do you get latex?

i can get latex from many online stores! Latex is a number of things, including a kind of paint, a naturally occurring substance, and a kind of type set. See the related lin (MORE)

How do you get your latex skirt on?

If you are having trouble pulling it over your skin, try powdering  your skin or the inside of your skirt. It will help it slide over  easier.
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What is latex balloon?

Latex balloon is a balloon made up of a rubbery type of material from all types of angiosperms called latex.33423
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Is a wristband latex?

There are probably some types of wristbands that do contain latex. I did a quick search and they have latex wristbands that match latex clothing that you find in adult novelty (MORE)

DO balloons have latex in them?

Yes, balloons are made of latex. Correction: Most balloons contain latex. However, some do not as some people are allergic to latex.
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What is a latex?

In the context of birth control "a latex" is a condom made of latex and intended to cover the penis and prevent sperm from traveling into the female.
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