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Can you mix latex stain and latex paint for deck painting?

The short answer it yes, it will work. However, solid latex stains are designed to penetrate the wood and to show the texture of the wood, while paints are more adhesive and d (MORE)

Who invented latex paint?

  Dr. Daniel Haworth. He is currently a professor of chemistry at Marquette University.
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Is there a latex free basketball?

The best I've ever been able to find is a leather covered basketball. They are generally more expensive than a rubber ball and should only be used indoors, but they are great (MORE)

How do you remove latex from the backing of carpet?

  Answer     If it's not synthetic latex, go to the store and look for a product called Goo Gone Power spray... It disolves latex paint, so I assume it will take (MORE)

What purpose of ammonium sulfate at latex Ammonium sulfate added in latex will make latex dry faster than ammonium free latex?

Answer   Ammonium sulphate is an inorganic salt. When we add to latex, it will dissociate to ammonium ions. By itself, ammonium ion will increase ionic strength in latex. (MORE)
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How do you test if a paint is alkyd or latex?

Acetone is usually used to test if a paint is alkyd or latex,  though rubbing alcohol will work as well. Use a Q-tip soaked in  either acetone or rubbing alcohol on a surfac (MORE)

Effects of latex gloves on the environment?

Natural latex gloves are made primarily from rubber trees, so they  do break down in landfills, but very slowly. Synthetic latex gloves  are made from a polymerized petroleu (MORE)