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Where do you get a latex puppet?

Answer . There are different types of latex rubber used to make puppets.\n. \n1.Slip Latex, which is similar to what Halloween masks are made of. When cast it is a flexib (MORE)

What is slip latex?

Slush latex, also known as mask and slip latex, is a thick cream colored liquid with a strong ammonia smell. Unlike foam latex, it doesn't need to be oven baked and will dry b (MORE)

Does Spandex have latex in it?

Nope, most of them don't. Spandex, or lycra, is a synthetic fabric with a polymer base, like nylon or polyester. Unlike many other synthetic fabrics, spandex is a polyureth (MORE)

Where to get latex gloves?

'Latex gloves' is a rather generic term that is typically used to describe natural rubber latex, single use or disposable gloves typically associated with medical or hygiene a (MORE)
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Who made latex?

The ancient Mayan People used latex to make rubber balls, hollow human figures, and as bindings used to secure axe heads to there handles and other functions. Latex is the s (MORE)
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Which tree do you get latex?

The rubber tree. It is native to South America, but has been widely planted as a plantation tree in tropical regions around the globe.

What is a latex?

In the context of birth control "a latex" is a condom made of latex and intended to cover the penis and prevent sperm from traveling into the female.