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Can you mix latex polyurethane with latex paint?

  If you want to keep your paint color pure and cover your object and/or project with 1 or 2 coats, I wouldn't, it sounds like your trying to eliminate a step, I know they (MORE)

What is slip latex?

Slush latex, also known as mask and slip latex, is a thick cream colored liquid with a strong ammonia smell. Unlike foam latex, it doesn't need to be oven baked and will dry b (MORE)

Is there latex in spandex?

No, there is not. However most people with latex allergies have other allergies as well, and can cross react. Spandex is a man made fiber, where as latex is a natural rubber s (MORE)

Can you sleep on a latex mattress If you are allergic to latex?

umm no you can't. When your allergic to anything its still going to still effect you. Sorry but no latex mattress for you!! That answer is incorrect. What you are allergic to (MORE)

Can you mix latex stain and latex paint for deck painting?

The short answer it yes, it will work. However, solid latex stains are designed to penetrate the wood and to show the texture of the wood, while paints are more adhesive and d (MORE)