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Can Latin be spoken?

Certainly. Many Latin classes today practice speaking the Latin language. However, Latin is commonly known as a "dead language" because it is no longer spoken as a native lang (MORE)

To be a Latin king do you have to be Latin?

Obviously u have to be LATIN to be a LATIN King, hence the word LATIN in their gangs name. Otherwise the gang would just be called the Almighty King & Queen Nation, rather tha (MORE)

Why is Latin America called Latin?

Latin America is comprised of the countries, whose populations  speak Romance languages: Spanish, Portugese and, to a lesser  degree, French -- all derived from Latin.
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What is Latin?

Latin is a dead language, originally from Italy. It is the ancestor of so called Latin languages, such as Italian, French and Spanish. It had a major influence on English too. (MORE)

If your last name is Latin are you Latin?

Latin is the language that used to be spoken in the Roman Empire, as such it is not a nationality. The term Latin is also used to describe people who come from countries where (MORE)

What is revenge in Latin?

"Ultio" is a Latin equivalent of "revenge." The Latin word is a feminine noun. Latin has no definite ("the") or indefinite ("a, one") articles for any of its nouns. The pron (MORE)

What is citizens in Latin?

Depends on the case. Nominative (subject of the sentence): cives Vocative (when you address the noun): cives Accusative (having something done to it): cives Genitive ( (MORE)

How do you say can in Latin?

You use some form of posse, "to be able," plus the infinitive of a verb. For example, if you wanted to say "can sing" ("to sing" = canere), the present tense forms would be: (MORE)

What is and in Latin?

The most common word for "and" in Latin is probably "et," although there are other words that mean "and" in Latin. To name a few, "ac," "atque," and "-que." The last one is an (MORE)

How do you say why speak Latin in Latin?

cur dice latina EDIT: That is not a grammatical translation at all :) Without more input, there are a few ways to take the questions you asked: Why should (I) speak Latin Why (MORE)