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Latin for - it is what it is?

"It is what it is" in latin is: "Est quod est" - literally "is what is", you skip the pronouns because the verb forms already denote the gender and number. "Id est quod (MORE)

What is the Latin for no?

The word for no in Latin is:. minime (men-i-may)-Which is a reply to a yes or no question.. non (noen)-This describes somethinng. i.e. There are no sodas left.

Who is Latin?

Latins are peoples such as: Italians French Spanish Portuguese Rumanians etc. using languages derived from that of ancient Rome, esp. the peoples of Central and (MORE)

What did the Latins do?

The Latin's aren't, and never were, a people. The Romans named their language Latin. So if you're looking for what the Latin's did, you should probably be looking under what t (MORE)

What is the Latin for?

Latin is no longer used as a colloquial language in the modern society, but it can be useful in many ways and should definitely be studied. Here are some useful ways of using (MORE)

What is when in Latin?

Ubi can mean "when" or "where", and is used in questions/relative clauses . Cum at the beginning of a clause with an indicative verb means when . Cum at the beginning of (MORE)

Latin for do not do no?

When translating Latin, the part of sentence in which the word isused plays a part in deciding the proper version of the word, asthere are many different endings. The phrase d (MORE)