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Who are the original latinos?

The original latinos are probably the ancient Romans who spoke the Latin language from which all latin based languages and cultures are derived today.
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Is Latino a race?

Actually Hispanic or Latino isn't a race at all. Example, Most of central America ( Mexican Guatemalans, etc.) Are mixed of Native American and the Spanish setters from Spain. (MORE)
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What is Latino music?

There are many types of Latino music, depending from what region of Latin America you are from. White and Black Cubans in the Caribbean helped influence salsa, and Puerto Rica (MORE)

What is a Latino?

Latino or Latin is a term use by North Americans to refer to south Americans. Whom they believe all speak languages derivative of Latin. This is not correct, Bahamas, Belize, (MORE)

What are Latinos?

Not to be raciest but there MEXICANS. I love you Gabriel Iglesias. I'm not gay he is just awesome. don't listen to that ignorant closed minded comment ^ , there are 21 latino (MORE)

Are jamaicans latino?

Jamaicans are considered West Indians but long ago, people of spanish decent traveled their and now their are many living their especially in Spanishtown located in jamaica) w (MORE)
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When did latinos arrive?

no one really knows when they came to America but all I know is that being Latino ROCKS cause im one too!

Are Latinos strong?

Yes definitely paticuarly in the highlands of Ecuador , and other South American countrys like colombia and bolivia, the people have adapted over many years dating back to the (MORE)