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Are brazilians latinos?

Technically yes because they are in latin America and they speak a latin language which is portuguese. Answer: Yes and No. Because in the United States, Latino is equal (MORE)

What is a Latino?

Latino or Latin is a term use by North Americans to refer to south Americans. Whom they believe all speak languages derivative of Latin. This is not correct, Bahamas, Belize, (MORE)

What are Latinos?

Not to be raciest but there MEXICANS. I love you Gabriel Iglesias. I'm not gay he is just awesome. don't listen to that ignorant closed minded comment ^ , there are 21 lati (MORE)

Why are Mexicans Latinos?

In the United States, Latino stands for Latino Americano (Spanish for Latin American), or people whose native languageoriginated from ancient Latin. It includes Spanish, Fren (MORE)
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Are Romanians Latino?

Romanians speak a language of Romanic origin; the people is from Daco-Getic (Thracian peoples) origin with strong influences from Romans, Slaves, Turkish peoples.
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What is Latino hair?

there is no such thing as Latino hair becuz it depends in the culture of the person. for example if ur Mexican u wll usually have straight silky hair.
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Are Latinos white?

well... i'll have to sat that some of them might white because they have European ancestry. Spanish from SPAIN are white... but maybe when European got in america they mixed w (MORE)

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What are the origins of Latinos?

Latinos aren't necessarily a specific unified origin. For example,people in Central America are often mixed Native American andSpanish, but Hispanics/Latinos in the Caribbean (MORE)