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Is Latino a race?

Actually Hispanic or Latino isn't a race at all. Example, Most of central America ( Mexican Guatemalans, etc.) Are mixed of Native American and the Spanish setters from Spain. (MORE)

Are Italians latinos?

Latino is considered anybody whose language is based in Latin. Like ppl from: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and many others. A lot of ppl get Hispanic and Latino mixed up. Hi (MORE)
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What is Latino music?

There are many types of Latino music, depending from what region of Latin America you are from. White and Black Cubans in the Caribbean helped influence salsa, and Puerto Rica (MORE)

Are Cubans Latino?

Yes. No, they are LatinAmericans. And basically Caribbean. Cubans identify more with the Caribbean culture than with the culture of the latinos in Latin America. EXCEPT FOR (MORE)

Are Haitians Latino?

No. Latinos are people from Spanish-speaking countries. I do think Haitian are Latinos not only Spanish speaking countries but also French and Portuguese. Most people don't s (MORE)

Are latinos caucasians?

Yes, caucasians generally refer to European people, which is where you'll find Spain which is the origin people now referred to as Latino. Many Latinos are also of mixed races (MORE)

Are jamaicans latino?

Jamaicans are considered West Indians but long ago, people of spanish decent traveled their and now their are many living their especially in Spanishtown located in jamaica) w (MORE)

Why are Mexicans Latinos?

In the United States, Latino stands for Latino Americano  (Spanish for Latin American), or people whose native language  originated from ancient Latin. It includes Spanish, (MORE)
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Are Latinos the largest race in America?

No way white people make 73% of america. White people are by far the largest race in america. Latinos make up like 15% of america Latinos Are considered White in US, most are (MORE)