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What is latitude?

Latitude is the angular degrees north or south from the equator fora location on the surface of the earth. The equator is 0°, whilethe north and south poles are ±90°. (MORE)

What is latitude and longitude?

Latitude and longitude form an (imaginary) grid of lines on the Earth's surface, and enable the identification of any point by its geographic coordinates. Latitude lines ar (MORE)

What is co-latitude and latitude?

  Latitude is the measurement of degrees from the equator to the pole so that the pole has a latitude of 90 degrees. Co-latitude is the measurement of degrees from the p (MORE)

What is horse latitude?

Horse latitudes are between 30 and 35 degrees north and south. The  horse latitudes are also known as the sub tropical latitudes. The  pressure in the horse latitudes is cal (MORE)

What is the meaning of latitude?

In geography, it is a measure of the angular distance from the equator.It also means an allowed range of action (or movement). It navigation it is the angular distance, in deg (MORE)

What is the line of latitude?

Lines of latitude are any of the circles, called parallels, that are to the north or to the south of the equator and parallel to it. They are the lines on standard maps that g (MORE)

What is the definition of latitude?

In navigation, latitude is a horizontal circle on the Earth north or south of the Equator, measured from the centre of the Earth as an angular distance in degree. In geograp (MORE)

Sentence for latitude?

Latitude is the a geographic coordinate that specifies a  north-south position on the Earth. It also means the scope for  freedom of action or thought. The lines of latitude (MORE)
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What is the latitude of Canada?

Latitudes ... and their cousins, longitudes ... are used to describe the locations of points on the earth's surface. They're not properly used to describe whole areas, and (MORE)