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How do you get into the laundromat on Wimpy Wonderland?

You don't get in until the very end of the game. After you win the bingo game with Greg's grandmother, you'll win a CD of classical music. Go to the Fast-Mart (where the teena (MORE)

Who invented the laundromat?

  The electric-powered washing machine, invented in 1908, was a great time- and sweat-saving device-but only for those who could afford it and had regular electricity. J.F (MORE)

How much does it cost to start a laundromat business?

Contact the Small business Administration (SBA) in your area. They are there to help people get into business and stay in business. Also ask them for a contact for Service (MORE)

Is it more expensive to wash clothes at home or in a laundromat?

  Answer     A typical washing machine is nameplate rated at 10amps MAX. Assuming it runs at the full 10 amps and the machine runs for 30 mins: we do the math. (MORE)

Where is the laundromat in Slovenia?

Slovenia is one of the main manufacturers of washing machines in Europe, therefore everyone has their own in their house. Another reason is that Slovenians are very clean peop (MORE)