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What type of people use laundromats?

There are many types of people that use laundromats. The mostcommon type of people are those who do not have access to a washeror dryer in their own home.

Who invented the laundromat?

The electric-powered washing machine, invented in 1908, was a great time- and sweat-saving device-but only for those who could afford it and had regular electricity. J.F. Cant (MORE)

Where is the laundromat in Slovenia?

Slovenia is one of the main manufacturers of washing machines in Europe, therefore everyone has their own in their house. Another reason is that Slovenians are very clean peop (MORE)
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What is the level of production in a laundromat?

The level of production in a laundromat is typically between a few hundred and several thousand items of clothing per day. The actual amount of production depends on the numbe (MORE)