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Number of Laura-Ashley shops?

Laura Ashley own shops are 206 in the UK and Ireland as well as one in Paris in Europe there are franchise stores of which 9 are in benelux, 6 in Scandinavia 7 in Spain an (MORE)
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Where can Laura Ashley Eau de Parfum No1 be found?

If you do an online search for Martecci's Fine Fragrances, and navigate down the Martecci Version perfumes pages, I do believe you will find that they not only have an excelle (MORE)

Did Laura Ashley have any children?

Yes 4 - Jane, David, Nick, and Emma. The Ashley children were all involved with the business. David (born 1954/55), the eldest son, designed the shops; daughter Jane was the (MORE)

What is Laura Ashley famous for?

Her very detailed Floral prints which were very famous and millions of people purchased her designs. She designed things such as wellingtons, tea sets, bed coverings, clothes (MORE)

Who was Laura Secord?

. Laura was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, on September 13 1775. She was one of four daughters. Her parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Ingersoll. Her father was in th (MORE)

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