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What went wrong when Elizabeth Taylor remarried Richard Burton?

There are various accounts including notations by Richard Burton in his diaries and numerous articles and interviews with Dame Elizabeth Taylor concerning their second marriag (MORE)

Where did Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton meet?

Taylor first met Burton at a party, and considered him a complete boor. They later met on the set of _Cleopatra_, and almost immediately began a wild affair. I've not been abl (MORE)

How is Elizabeth II related to Elizabeth I?

Queen Elizabeth I would be a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Both Elizabeths are descentants of Henry VII.  Elizabeth I was the granddaughter of Henry VII through her f (MORE)

Sino si Laura Sa Florante at Laura?

kasintahan ni florante, anak ni haring linceo.
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Story of st Laura?

Short answer: she was a Spanish nun who got moulded to death. she was a nice person...... Long Answer: Spain was ruled by Muslims in the 9th century who imposed their own (MORE)

Who is Laura Wright?

Laura Wright is a very talented woman who plays on the ABC soap General hospital, she is linky with blond hair and blue eyes.
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Is it Keith Richards or Keith Richard?

It's Keith RichardS. the Stones' early manager/impresario Andrew Loog Oldham dropped the 's' out of Keith's family name to make it sound more 'pop' (as in Cliff Richard). Howe (MORE)