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What is the Fermi Paradox?

        It refers to the lack of evidence of intelligent aliens despite the size of the Galaxy and the probability that life should exist elsewhere in our Ga (MORE)
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What problem did Enrico Fermi solve?

Fermi was a nuclear physicist who solved many problems (for example he designed a nuclear reactor). In physics there are problems that are actually named Fermi problems. These (MORE)

Why did Enrico Fermi make the atomic bomb?

There was a race that involved US, UK, and Canada during World War II; they wanted to build an atomic bomb in fear that Nazi Germany would create them first. This project was (MORE)
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When did enrico fermi invent nuclear science?

  Fermi worked in Italy up to 1938 I think (see Wikipedia article), before emigrating to the USA. He was one of the foremost researchers in this topic but you could hardly (MORE)

What is the physical significance of Fermi level?

The energy level (hypothetical) at which the probability of finding an electron (and a hole analogously) is half (0.5) is defined as the fermi level. It acts as an aid while (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Giannis Fermis been in?

Giannis Fermis has: Performed in "Heirokrotimata" in 1944. Played Thodorakis in "O magoufis" in 1955. Performed in "Grafeio synoikesion" in 1956. Performed in "Tsarouhi... pis (MORE)

Where is the Fermi gamma ray telescope located?

In low earth orbit, perigee 333 miles, apogee 344 miles,  inclination 25.58 degrees, orbital period 95.40 minutes, velocity  17,000 miles per hour.   Gamma ray (and x-ra (MORE)