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Who was Laura Secord?

. Laura was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, on September 13 1775. She was one of four daughters. Her parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Ingersoll. Her father was in th (MORE)

Story of st Laura?

Short answer: she was a Spanish nun who got moulded to death. she was a nice person...... Long Answer: Spain was ruled by Muslims in the 9th century who imposed their own (MORE)

Has Deryk Schlessinger been charged yet?

Deryk Schlessinger is the son of ultra-conservative radio personality Laura Schlessinger. At the time he became center of a brief scandal in the summer of 2007, he was servin (MORE)

Who is Laura Wright?

Laura Wright is a very talented woman who plays on the ABC soap General hospital, she is linky with blond hair and blue eyes.
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Who is Dr. Laura Schlessinger?

Answer   A Jewish psychologist, a talk radio show host a successful author of many self help book but most of all she is a wife and mother. She is also a major butinski b (MORE)

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