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What is laurasia?

Laurasia is like Pangaea where all of the continents were put together before. This is a theory that all of the continents were once together and that there is plate tectonics (MORE)

What are laurasia and Gondwanaland?

Then about 200 million years ago the land began to drift apart. It broke into two pieces, and scientists have called the continent in the north Laurasia and the continent in t (MORE)
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Why is the omission of Iceland from laurasia reasonable?

What now is Iceland never was part of the Laurasia continent. Rather, it is a volcanic formation that stems from volcanic activity on the border of the North-American and the (MORE)
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What are laurasia and gondwand?

Laurasia and Gondwana land are the super continents formed millions of years ago in the midst of the Tethys sea.These super continents subsequently broke into present continen (MORE)

What is the meaning of Laurasia?

The explanation involves the theory of continental plates and drift. Continents do not always stay in the same place. Sometimes they move, Split apart, and parts combine in (MORE)